Is it ok to leave my pets home alone?

We believe your pet is safest and happiest in their own home. Dogs and cats are territorial and can be very anxious and stressed with a change in routine and environment. Cats are solitary animals and can be stressed if they are forced to cohabit with other cats. At home they have their own beds, toys, food and are not exposed to diseases from other animals.

Do I supply the food?

It is essential for your pet’s health and wellbeing to maintain their regular diet. We ask you to supply sufficient food for the period of your absence and instructions on quantities and any other specific requirements.

Can you administer medication to my pet?

All PetFriends carers are experienced in administering medication to pets.

Can I request a carer to come at a specific time of day?

We believe for your pet’s happiness it is essential to keep as close to their usual feeding and exercise routine as possible. We will visit your pet at close to the same time each day, as requested by you.

Can I request more than one visit per day?

Yes you can. This is sometimes necessary if pets are out during the day but in at night.

Can I call to check how things are going?

Yes, we are happy for you to email, phone or text to see how your babies are doing. We always request contact numbers so you will be contacted if there is any reason for concern.

What if I need to extend/ cut short my trip?

No problem. Just let us know. We will continue to care for your pets till you return home, or will credit you for visits not used.

What if my pet carer falls sick?

We have a competent team of pet carers who are always happy to step in as back up when needed.

How secure are my keys/ alarm code?

All keys and codes are tagged with pets’ names only, not surnames or addresses, so would be useless should they fall into wrong hands. All pet carers are police cleared, and covered by public liability insurance.

I am training my dog, will the pet carer uphold my techniques?

We believe in positive encouragement and rewards as the optimum way to achieve desirable behavior. We will continue to reinforce any positive training techniques you have in place with your pet.

Will my dog be walked with other dogs?

Your dog/s will be walked exclusively. The walk is tailored to your dog’s specific requirements. You advise us if you want your dog to socialize with or avoid other dogs, and if you want time off lead, also what commands your dog responds to.

Contact Information

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