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Celebrating 25 Years of Pet Care in Perth

Where can you find  more qualified pet care in Perth?

Established by Sharon Savill in 1995, Pet Friends has been caring for Perth’s pets for 25 years now. Her growing team of experienced and enthusiastic pet sitters are ready at your call to walk, brush, bath, feed, medicate, play with, cuddle and pamper your beloved pets.

pet care in Perth
ring bearer, Albie

They have thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with your pets while you are away, busy at work or convalescing. Suzanne will never forget her pet transport gig taking Albie, a mini schnauzer, to be ring bearer at his family’s wedding. And she will always have a soft spot for a dear little Shih tsu named Koko who was battling intestinal disease and was so fragile Suz was afraid she would break as she hand fed her medication and chemo.

Pet care in Perth is family business

Paige was only a toddler when her mum Sharon established the pet care business and has fond memories of Sam and Tigger, the loveable staffies her mum walked several times a week for 9 years.  Paige has formed special bonds with the pets of all shapes and sizes she has cared for over the years. Especially the ones with quirky natures, like Zoe the German Shepherd who eats lying down and Sheba the Oriental x who only eats her biscuits while being brushed.

pet care in Perth
Max and Logan
pet care in Perth

Both Paige and her brother, Logan, enjoyed the wide variety of visitors as their home was open for pet boarders over the years.  They will never forget the first time Zach, the Pomeranian, had an epileptic seizure. Zach was a regular boarder so they were soon quite familiar with nurturing him through his quite regular fits. Then there was George and his buddy Max who boarded on numerous occasions, the longest stay being in 2003 while their family toured Europe for 3 months. Logan was 7 years old at the time. They were also thoroughly amused by the antics over several boarding stays of Ziggy the lorikeet. Ziggy was extremely playful and talkative and very much an attention seeker. He loved to dance and sing and to be caressed. He especially loved a daily bath!

A team with enthusiasm and love for what they do is key to the best pet care in Perth

pet care in Perth
Henry digging his heels in

There have been so many magic moments over the years! So many colourful characters and fun antics and outings. There was Henry the basset hound who so loved his walks he would lie down when he realised you were heading home from the park. He would not budge and there was no way you could pick him up. Henry’s dog walker just had to wait till Henry was good and ready. Paula enjoys most her visits to little Betty, a maltese x silky terrier,”the welcome and the love I receive every time I come to take her out for walkies reminds me so much of the beauty of animals’ souls and their unconditional love with no agendas  or judgments , it sums up why I do what I do as a pet sitter”.Emily says “I adore all the wonderful pets I’ve visited and walked throughout the years, each holds a special place in my

heart.They’ve made me smile, laugh, and even cry when a few have crossed the rainbow bridge. What stays with me most is the way each and everyone of them has such a unique way of showing their love and affection. Sam (golden retriever) in particular has such a lovely way of showing how much he loves you, he comes up besides you, sits down and offers his paw, and while holding hands gazes adoringly into your eyes – such a charmer!” Tina says “I love the welcome I get from Rosie when I see her everyday. It puts a smile on my face. I love my job.” Sharon also recalls with amusement the first time she took border collie, Belle for a walk only to discover Bosco the family cat tagging along with them. “Bosco followed us for several blocks, with Belle looking back regularly to make sure she was keeping up!”

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