There are so many good reasons to engage our dog walking services:

  • You work long hours and have no time left in the day
  • Your dog becomes bored and mischievous during day while you are at work
  • Recent injury/operation means you are temporarily unable to walk your dog
  • Your dog is too strong/difficult for you to handle
  • You are away from home

PetFriends dog walking services will tailor a walk to suit your dog’s individually.

We will take them out to explore the neighborhood and local parks.

We can keep them on lead if required, or allow them to run free and play ball in the park.

Our dog walkers are up to date with current training and behavior methods.

Our dog walkers are happy to reinforce and provide feedback on any training you have in place.

We believe in positive encouragement and rewards as the optimum way to achieve desirable behavior from our loyal and trusting four legged friends.

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PetFriends Dog Walking Services Fees:

30 min. dog walking services: $30
45 min. dog walking services: $40
60 min. dog walking services: $50

You can arrange for a dog walker to come daily or a set number of days per week, or adhoc walks can be arranged with advance notice. We also recommend if you are going away on holidays to check out our Pet and Home Care Services.

All fees quoted include GST.

To give your dog the ultimate pampering and exercise at the same time then please book our dog walking services NOW.

Contact Information

26 Woodhall St Stirling, WA, 6021 (08) 6146 3524


dog walking in Perth
dog walking by people who care

Have you ever taken the time to stop and watch a dog while he or she is enjoying life? One thing about our canine friends is that, unlike many humans, they certainly take the time to literally stop and smell the roses. We can learn a lot from our pets, their joy for life is contagious. That is why we love what we do at Pet Friends.

We all know that dogs need time and attention from their humans and society is such nowadays that although we love our pets very much we don’t always have the time to dedicate to walking in Perth

Our pets not only require regular exercise such as dog walking but play and stimulation too; these can eliminate destructive behaviours such as excessive barking or chewing.

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Dog Walking tailored for your dog

dog walking in PerthWe have dedicated dog walkers in Perth who are available for your pet whenever you are too busy and they just love dog walking. We are committed to provide not just regular walks but exploration time and play.

Did you know that unacceptable behaviour in dogs may be caused by loneliness or boredom? At Pet Friends we love the excitement of man’s best friend whenever we show up for a visit. Our dog walks are always one on one to ensure that each pet receives undivided care and attention especially if they are vulnerable or antisocial but the socially adept ones not only can enjoy the pet minder’s focus but they can generally make dog walking in Perthnew canine friends at the local park. This is so important to a dog’s well being. They need company because as we know they are pack animals who have a need for interactions from us and other four legged pals.

Dog Walking, your gift to your best pal

Our pooches give us so much unconditional love and they deserve the luxury of some time just for them exercising and exploring especially as the sun is once again shining and the skies are walking in Perth

Don’t deny your best friend the benefits of regular dog walking sessions, get in touch with one of our dedicated pet sitters in Perth who can provide a service to you and your dog that will have enormous benefits. Our dog walkers in Perth are always available for you and your four legged friend. A well exercised and stimulated dog is a happy one so how about a special gift for him or her to begin the New Year with such as regular walks, play and attention?

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