Your pets become part of the family when home boarding with Pet Friends.

We cater for all small pets including birds, guineapigs, mice, rats, fish, even reptiles.

If you can transport them and provide the hutch/cage/home and appropriate food and bedding for them we can do the rest.

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We will spend one on one quality time pampering and exercising your pets daily. We will ensure they have fresh food and water at all times and their homes are kept clean.

We are also competent and experienced in administering medications.

Home boarding is like holiday camp for little critters!

Minimum per ‘hutch/enclosure’ $20 per day; single dog/cat $40 per day; pair of dogs $65 per day; pair of cats $50 per day.

Boarding for dogs and cats is a premium service where your fur baby stays with a family in their home just as they would with a friend or family member. Availability is limited as only two pets can be accommodated in any home at one time.

Please note there is a minimum total fee of $ 65 for any period of service.

All fees quoted ex GST.

If you are going away and want the best care for your little friends, please book our home boarding services NOW.

Contact Information

26 Woodhall St Stirling, WA, 6021 (08) 6146 3524