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Looking for a great dog walker in Perth?

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You love your dog and want what is best for him. You have invested time in puppy training and house training. You have provided a comfortable home environment. Warm bed, shelter, good quality food, toys and treats. But you can’t be home with him all day. You work and have social events that leave him home for long periods on his own. You are not alone. Join the many people engaging a professional dog walker to ensure their furry family members also enjoy a stimulating day.

our dog walker is awesomeProfessional Dog Walkers continue your good work

You can ensure your pal also has an interesting day. A professional dog walker can be engaged for dog walking on lead or, if suitable, off lead at the many beautiful locations available around Perth. Our mediterranean climate means perfect weather most year round and our vast choice of local parks, lakes, rivers, bushlands and dog friendly beaches mean an endless supply of adventures and exploration to be had.

Your dog could be languishing in boredom at home. Digging holes, chewing the retic, barking endlessly or worst of all crying from boredom. Or he could be off with his favourite dog walker checking out what’s been happening around his neighbourhood, meeting up at the local park with other dogs my dog walker loves mehe knows, chasing and fetching balls, or in summer having a swim. It is a sensory banquet out there for your dog. He looks so forward to going out walking and taking it all in. The feel of different textures under his paws, rolling getting a good back scratch in the grass. What he sniffs on his walk opens a window to what has been happening in his territory. It is so exciting! Even better, he gets plenty of exercise. This makes for a fitter, healthier dog but also a more content, relaxed dog. He has burnt off some of the excess energy and is not likely to partake in the destructive behaviours he may otherwise have done.

Engaging a dog walker is very affordable

In fact, is probably more cost effective than damage control for a bored, destructive dog which is destroying property and/or neighbourhood relations. Some dog walkers take many dogs at once. At Pet Friends we walk your dog individually. my dog walker makes my dayThis way we tailor the walk to specifically meet your dog’s needs. If your dog is antisocial we can provide stimulating experiences in a variety of safe environments. For dogs who love to interact with others, we can coincide their walks to meet up with other groups gathering at the local park. Either way you come home to a fulfilled and happy dog. Check out our dog walker service and prices here.