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Pet Home Care, Why is it best for your pet?

Pet Home CarePet Home Care allows our pets to feel secure

It is well known that dogs and cats are territorial animals. They have particular spaces within their territory designated for rest (a quiet place where they will not be disturbed) and for activity (places to play, hunt, eat and defecate), and paths between these areas.

They feel secure so long as these area and pathways don’t change, if they do they will become stressed.

In addition, cats are solitary animals. They don’t like to share their territory and need privacy and independence. Cohabitation with other animals can be highly stressful.

Pet Home Care allows your pets freedom

By using in – home pet carers your pets don’t have to be caged. They can stay in their own home and sleep in their own beds surrounded by Pet Home Caretheir own toys. A majority of kennels do not allow you to put your dog’s personal bed in with them (it may get damaged or lost), they have to lie on a cold plastic bed on a concrete floor surrounded by many other howling dogs who don’t like it any more than they do.

Pet Home Care targets your pet’s specific needs

Dogs and cats become anxious when their routine is changed. Pet Home Care keeps them close to their regular feeding and exercise routine providing stability and consistency.

Pet Home CareYour pets will be fed their usual food and water and the treats and snacks you provide. At kennels/catteries feeding times are done to a schedule which most likely won’t reflect what your pet is used to. Some charge you if you bring your own food. This change in diet can upset your pet’s digestion and result in diarrhea.

Because of these set schedules and multiple handlers, there is also the risk your pet may not receive important medication in the correct dose or at the correct time.

Your pet receives  one to one personal attention with Pet Home Care which ensures they are getting all the tender loving care they deserve. In a kennel/cattery adequate attention and exercise is not always guaranteed.

Exercise time may be all of 15 minutes and is limited to those dogs who socialize well together. Bigger dogs may not get enough exercise, andPet Home Care smaller dogs may not be able to keep up. Individual time for specific dogs is difficult as any time a handler enters the kennels it excites all the dogs and stresses them all out. With Pet Home Care a pet sitter will take your dog to his/her local park, will groom your cat and play chase in the yard.

With stay at home care your pets will not be exposed to aggressive behavior of other animals or illness such as ticks, fleas and kennel cough. By clicking this link you can read how Pet Home Care clients enjoy pets that are calmer, healthier and happier to see them when they come home.