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If you need a Pet Sitter in Perth, consider me.

Pet Sitter in PerthAllow me to be your personal Pet Sitter in Perth.

Hi, I am Jody. I have been on the Pet Friends team since August 2010. I am available to provide pet home care in Northbridge and surrounding North Perth suburbs. Pet home care includes dog walking and daily home visits to feed, clean and play with your pets. Click on this link for more information on how a pet sitter in Perth like me can assist with your pet care needs.


A good pet sitter in Perth is passionate about animals and their well being.

Pet Sitter Jody

As a pet sitter in Perth animals are my life. They are my joy, my career and my hobby. My childhood was spent caring for our guinea pigs, fish, chickens and dogs. As an adult, I foster care for cats and rats, have a 90l tropical aquarium and 3 rats and last year completed my Certificate III in Companion Animal Services. Dogs are a huge passion of mine and my local dog park is one of my favourite places in the world. Whilst renting I could not have a dog of my own, but I volunteered to walk my neighbours dogs for the last 6 months and it honestly is the highlight of my day. I am a great dog walker and lover of the outdoors.


Pet Sitter JodyTo be a good pet sitter in Perth, I spent a year working at Cat Haven and fostering for cats and I am very confident in dealing with them. I have extensive knowledge of their health requirements and have excellent observational skills when looking for changes in their behaviour and health. Pet Sitter JodyA good pet sitter in Perth loves all types of pets. Small Animals are also a passion of mine. I have 3 male adult rats whom I treat like my own children and am actively involved in the Perth Rat Rescue and Rehabilitation community. I also have experience handling rabbits, mice, reptiles including snakes, frogs, birds and fish.




A good pet sitter in Perth has experience looking after animals and an ability to understand pet’s needs.


In 2010 I spent 3 weeks in rural Bolivia as a volunteer working 12 hours a day in an organisation that rehabilitates wild animals that have been victims of animal smuggling or the pet trade.

Pet Sitter Jody

Through my volunteering and paid work as Branch Co-ordinator for SAFE (Saving Animals from Euthanasia), a charity dedicated to saving the lives of dogs and cats on death row, I have dealt with animals with behavioural problems. As an experienced pet sitter in Perth, I am confident dealing with boisterous, troublesome or slightly aggressive dogs. I have basic knowledge of obedience techniques and this is something I would love to expand my knowledge of.


If you are looking for a pet sitter in Perth and live in the suburbs of Northbridge, Perth, Leederville, Wembley, Floreat, Subiaco, West Perth or surrounding suburbs I am really looking forward to meeting you and your pets. I really want to be your preferred pet sitter in Perth.