Pet Sitters for Unusual Pets

pet sitters

pet sitters are ideal for birdsAh the joy of an approaching holiday! The pace nowadays is such that when the opportunity arises for a well- deserved break we feel the excitement before travel plans are even made, but what about Banjo the budgie? Or the beautiful array of fish in the tank in the living room? Not to mention the garden…Will you arrive home to a dead garden bed or a green pool? There are alsostay at home pet care for fish those not so exciting times when work is particularly demanding and your focus must be away from the little creatures and growing things that you love.

This is where pet sitters come to the rescue.

Pet Sitterspet minding at home not only take very good care of cats and dogs but our pet sitters have all kinds of animal pals. We have changed bird seed, cleaned our rabbit hutches, ensured goldfish are well fed and have been known to prepare meals for a snake or two! Our pet sitters are trained to care for a variety of pets including the very exotic such as Milton the snake and Mr Peacock who demonstrated his beautiful mating ritual for the camera of one of our pet minders sitters for aviaries

Good Pet Sitters care for your home too

We care for gardens that need watering too. It is peace of mind knowing that all those beautiful plants and flowers will not wither away while you are enjoying your well-earned holiday or you are away for work, not to mention how reassuring it can be to know that someone is checking your ppet sitting for exotic petsroperty on a daily basis.

Click on this link to arrange for Pet Friends pet sitters  to give tender loving care to the pets and plants that you love; we really are your extended family for those times when you cannot be there. And if your circumstances are such that your pets can not be left at your home, we can arrange for home boarding for most types of pets.home boarding