Animals are naturally drawn to me. As I am them. Some suggest ‘like attracts like’ and I agree, although my animated expressions and excitable voice are clear indicators of my want (and need) to engage with them.

One-part socially acceptable ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ and two-parts animal-obsessed, you can rely on me to care for your beloved(s). Whether visiting them in the comfort and safety of home, cruising the neighbourhood, or even escorting them down a wedding aisle or special ceremony where you want your beloved family members included.


Over the years, I’ve adored and cared for our family’s literal motley crew of A to Z – always smirking axolotls to schools of zippy zebrafish with ‘usual suspects’ sandwiched in between – curious cats, furtive frogs, garrulous galahs, frisky ferrets, gentle guinea pigs and playful pooches. Sadly, our beloved angels cross over to the ‘rainbow bridge’ earlier than any of us are ever prepared for, and we suffer tremendous heartbreak at their physical departure, although their loving, sassy souls are forever etched into our hearts and minds.

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I assumed given my love of animals I would become a veterinarian, vet nurse or zoologist, yet I learned at a young age I’m far too squeamish and cannot bear to see animals suffer. Working at Pet Friends is ideal as I balance my love and daily need for playful interaction with the world’s greatest creatures, who greet me with unabashed excitement and unconditional love, while countering an OCD-level need for logic and order – hence I am currently in training to assist in Pet Friends. Administration

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As a devoted animal lover, I understand the heartbreak and anguish you feel when you must leave your babies. Take comfort in the fact that I, and the collective Pet Friends team will love and treat your babies as if they are our own to minimise their and your anxiety. If you live in Yokine and surrounds I sincerely look forward to eventually meeting and caring for your sweet furry, feathered or scaled kids.

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