I am a very grateful lady to have been part of an amazing, dedicated team here at Pet Friends since 2014. Originally from the small outback town of Mingenew, over 300 kms north of Perth, I was raised on a farm. 

My parents blessed me with the beautiful opportunity of being around numerous animals and I developed a huge passion for every animal in my path. I feel overwhelmed that I have a very unique connection with every animal I meet and their safety and wellbeing is paramount. Being very athletic I enjoy every moment of life and the amazing surrounds that I live in.

I have two very special children and have enjoyed providing them the same unique experiences with animals I had, from raising just about every animal from chooks, two ducks, fish, guinea pigs, rabbits, birds, frogs, hermit crabs and our one and only precious dog Bundy that we’ve now had since my first baby turned one in 2004.

Rest assured that your pets are in safe hands with me. As I said my passion is HUGE for all animals and they will be treated as my own.

If you live in Duncraig and surrounding areas I look forward to meeting you soon.

Contact Information

26 Woodhall St Stirling, WA, 6021 (08) 6146 3524