I was a client of Pet Friends some 15 years ago and loved the care my cats received.

When Sharon put out a call for interested clients to come on board in 2021, I was keen. I had not long started retirement and this was a great opportunity to get in my daily exercise and to share it with enthusiastic creatures who are always pleased to see me.

cat sitter
dog sitter

It’s been a joy to work with such happy animals on a regular basis, to get to know them with all their quirky personalities and to enjoy special times on walks and playtime at the park. I have a special love for cats and never mind visiting and wasting time with these furry overlords. 

cat sitter

I really like that I can give our clients’ pets some special care and attention while they are at work or on holiday, and they are reassured all is well with their fur families.

Contact Information

26 Woodhall St Stirling, WA, 6021 (08) 6146 3524