Hi, my name is Suzanne and I am delighted to have been part of the Pet Friends team since 2012. I am Administrative Assistant to Sharon now after spending a few years in Sydney and relocating back to Perth. I am a fit and outgoing woman who has always loved and cared for pets.

Over the years, my family and I have owned an assortment of animals including dogs, cats, birds, fish, chickens, guinea pigs and ferrets.

Particularly close to me for over 11 years was my beautiful horse, Thomas. When Thomas came to me he was a pacing horse who had been neglected somewhat and ridden into a fence. He had injuries which meant he was destined to either be put down or made into a ‘hack’ .When I saw him, I fell in love with him and I nursed him back to full health. Over a period of time I worked with Thomas to regain his loyalty and trust of people. In his later years I bequethed him to a riding school for disabled children, such was his perfect temperament developed under my close love and care!

In addition to my love of all creatures great and small, I have worked in a variety of industries, including banking management and communications.

I have energy to burn for pet care having been highly active all my life with cycling, mountain biking, triathlons (I have raced Half Ironmans), Ju Jitsu and rowing.

My passion for pets and the outdoors, combined with my strong communication and professional skills, ensures pampering your pet will be my priority.

The bottom line is, I treat all pets that I care for as if they were my own. In that moment you ask me to care for your pet… they receive my undivided care and attention.

Contact Information

26 Woodhall St Stirling, WA, 6021 (08) 6146 3524