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The ideal dog walker values water

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Milo, Otis and Nash have just come back from a fun walk with their dog walker in Perth. They had such a great time in the sunshine but they could alldog walker do with a bit of cooling down now! First of all they need a good long drink …they are in luck …their family have left the kiddie pool full of water… It is so cool and refreshing…they don’t waste any time plunging in!

Your Dog Walker should encourage cooling off

Let’s not forget the fun side of a good swim at the dog beach. It is just as important as a good play in the park chasing a stick or catching a ball. Your ideal dog walker will possess both the time and the enthusiasm to ensure that your pet is not only exercised but has a great deal of fun too! Click on this link to find out how a dog walker can help improve the quality of your dog’s day.

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Jensen and Cooper’s owners are very much aware of the importance of keeping their pets cool by having plenty of fresh water on hand in two full buckets so that the chance of it running out, or spillage, is minimised. Regardless, the twins still take the opportunity to take a plunge in the fish pond.

dog walker The ideal dog walker understands water is vital

This is so much fun! But it is also vital on a hot summer day after exercise. Dogs are quite susceptible to heatstroke because they have sweat glands only on their feet and they rely on panting in order to cool themselves down. The fur coat they have to wear all year round also does not help with excessive heat! Click on this link to see how you and your dog walker can work together to keep your dog cool and hydrated during the hotter months.

Have a dog walker visit whilst away

 Click here to check out how a pet sitter can be arranged to visit your beloved pets while you are away and ensure there is always drinking water available and that there are plenty of opportunities of a good cooling down especially during the hot weather. Roxy and Jax (below) are always happy to see their favourite petsitter when their owners are away.